About camera trips in the brain and blind spots

What do we see? And how much does the picture in our mind have to do with reality? These questions have always interested me aside from my work as a photographer of people and for publicity purposes. The stimulus to find an artist answer came from the photo “Touch of Red”, taken 30 years ago in Paris.

What is it all about? The human being has very selective vision. We only see a tiny portion of our field of vision in focus. Our eyes take a sort of camera trip and the brain composes a lot of individual pictures to one general impression. The picture in our heads is therefore not a true reflection of reality but always the way that reality is interpreted by our brains. With my PhotoArt I try to recover this route of picture processing in the brain, to make all the “blind spots”, out-of-focus images and movement visible again.

The “magic moment”, the ability (and the luck) to recognise and capture the right motive will always be the basis of any good photo. But the technical tools available today are a treasure trove for me. Digital tools open up fascinating new possibilities that I could hardly have dreamed of before: aesthetic exaggeration of everyday motives, extreme colour sensitivity or superimposed realities and time levels. I can almost work like an artist with colour, light and shape.

Since “Touch of Red”, PhotoArt has become the expression of the world I live in, a fascinating playground for fantasy and experimentation. Chance is a strong ally when creating pictures, and I am happy to take full advantage of good chances. One such example are the animal themes that I rediscovered for myself. New York and the Masai Mara inspired me during my visits. Now Capricorn & Co. frolic in urban alleyways and give a new and surprising dimension to my New York impressions.

Like many creative people in the post-modern era the multiple manifestations of life inspire me. Fortunately for a photographer, we live in a visually transcendent world so that the river of ideas and inspirations never dries up.


2018  Mallorca, Cap Vermell Country Club, Retrospective
2018  Mallorca, Capdepera Nou Segle 12, Retrospective
2018  Mallorca, Pollença, Fundación Tabaluga Peter Maffay, Inspirations
2017  Mallorca, Clinica Picasso, Moviments Aleatoris
2017  Mallorca, Park Hyatt Mallorca, Moviments Aleatoris
2016  Mallorca, Capdepera, Moviments Aleatoris
2016  Mallorca, Alcúdia, Moviments Aleatoris
2016  Mallorca, Palma, Moviments Aleatoris
2015  Düsseldorf, GAP 15, Inspirations
2014  Mallorca, Inca, “Sehreise”
2014  Düsseldorf, RAG Greisbach, “Lichtblicke”
2013  Düsseldorf, GAP 15, “Sehreise”
2013  Düsseldorf, re.ac.me., “Sehreise”
2013  Düsseldorf, Druckstudio, “Sehreise”
2013  Düsseldorf, Atelier Schäfer, “Sehreise”
2012  Capdepera, Inspirations
2012  Mallorca, Galeria K, urban animals
2010  Mallorca, Galeria K
2009  Mallorca, Landscape
2008  Mallorca, Mallorca Inspirations
2008  Mallorca, New York
2007  Düsseldorf, New York
2006  Düsseldorf, Stilwerk, Interieur Abstract / rüsing und rüsing
2005  Australien, Perth, Light and Inside
2004  Düsseldorf, Stilwerk, Orange Monday / rüsing und rüsing
2003  Ratingen Golfclub, Bewegung und Zeit
2002  Hösel Golfclub, Bewegung und Zeit
2001  Düsseldorf, Stilwerk, Bewegung und Zeit
1999  Barcelona, BMW Autosalon
1998  Düsseldorf, Light & Insight Galerie
1997  Duisburg, LVA, Objekt–Installation
1997  Art Multiple, Objekt–Design
1996  Berlin, Spree Forum, Projektion
1995  Art Multiple Insight
1994  Köln, Photokina, Farben und Formen
1991  Düsseldorf, Experimentelle Fotos
1986  Köln, Photokina, Menschen in der Werbung
1982  Schottland, Landschaften im Widerspruch
1979  London, Portraits
1978  Beverungen, Ausdruck des Sehens
1977  Teheran, Menschen in Europa

“During the creative process of digital editing, coincidence is a mighty ally.”