4. February 2020

PhotoArt meets architecture

The latest edition of Baubible the magazine for architects – innovation, technology and lifestyle in construction is dedicated to the title theme of architect Zaha Hadid and the spectacular new Beijing Airport […]
3. December 2019

New works in GAP 15

New works by Norbert Schäfer can be seen again in the showroom on the ground floor of GAP 15 in Düsseldorf. The large format pictures show the state capital from the artist’s […]
19. December 2018

Art and culinary at Xino’s in Mallorca

The combination of art and culinary is always something very special. Therefore we are very pleased to present Nobert Schäfer’s PhotoArt in one of the best restaurants in Mallorca. Fifteen works are […]
23. May 2017

Exhibition in the Clinica Picasso

Since the 20th April Norbert Schäfer’s PhotoArt can be seen at the Clinica Picasso in Palma de Mallorca. “There are many connections between art and medicine. The use of language already betrays […]
23. May 2017

Mallorca – the island of contrasts

In March Norbert Schäfer’s PhotoArt was shown in the new Park Hyatt Mallorca. “The new Park Hyatt is in the northeast of the island, in the bay of Canyamel. A beautiful Mallorcan-style […]
7. December 2016

Art and music in Mallorca

In August, an exhibition of Norbert Schäfer’s PhotoArt took place in Mallorca together with a concert by Lenny Zakatek (The Original Voice of Alan Parsons Project). The video of the exhibition and […]