Representative art for your company

Art adds a unique atmosphere to rooms, increases motivation and identification and supports the brand value. Discover attractive motives for your enterprise. Individual formates matching architecture.

We are specialised in decorative photo art for modern offices and representative company rooms. Art makes an important contribution to a positive working atmosphere and supports the motivation of the employees. If you would like to make your offices or customer centres more attractive, you also have the alternative of renting our PhotoArt. You just choose from a variety of motives and you don’t have to commit yourself: if you want, we will exchange the pictures twice or three times over the year.

We will be delighted to help you choose suitable surfaces and picture formats. We produce the pictures especially for you, printed on canvas and professionally framed. Ask us for more information and the attractive prices for your own PhotoArt subscription with all inclusive service.

Art for ears: Working in more beautiful surroundings

On request we apply our art onto noise protection elements. This unique combinationUnt-Stratley_4 links high functionality to attractive impact. Choose out of hundreds of themes – from abstract to naturalistic, from lively to soothing. We craft every element individually – appropriate for the requirements of the room.

Examples and references

Installations Aachen Münchner Versicherungen

Project: room divider; Creation: Norbert Schäfer

The casino of the Aachen Münchner Versicherung is used for various purposes. As a big coherent room it is a place for meetings and events. However, most of the time it is used by employees as canteen and recreation room.

Smaller, divided areas had to be created to provide a communicative situation with private atmosphere. For highest possible flexibility movable rolling containers were chosen to serve as room dividers.

Norbert Schäfer conceived the concept for colourful, translucent dividing walls. They create “homely” areas with sufficient separation without cutting down the spaciousness of the room and enable attractive plays of colours through the incident light.

Way of life and living environment for Paul Green

Project: design of offices; Creation: Norbert Schäfer

Emotion and attitudes, opinions and values – the philosophy of an enterprise is reflected in the effect of its art. Colourful joy of live, convincing modernity, fashionable perfection and self-evident internationality combine and solidify to artistic expressivity.

Modern way of life in fashionable quotes becomes the setting for expressive “Tableaux Vivants” of contemporary photography. Scenes within and around fashion and way of life, wildly packed into technically astonishing, digital collages, determine rooms and atmosphere of purpose-orientated architecture.

The coexistence and superposition of colour, shape and contents on glass plates make way to the view on fantastic impressions of daily life, hidden and obvious, clandestine and provocative.

Art concept for Management Engineers

Project: design of the office floor; Creation: Norbert Schäfer

Management Engineers is a specialised business consultancy company. The office floors are modern, carefully designed with respect to interior architecture and reasonably equipped with high-class functional design. The corridors, deliberation rooms and offices are bright, white wall surfaces literally lend themselves to place attractive emphasis together with art.

Norbert Schäfer developed a visual concept to give the rooms a representative charisma and to positively influence the motivation and identification of the employees.

As in many modern offices, acoustics was also a problem. Therefore the art works were conceived as noise protection elements to improve the working atmosphere.

Therme Wien

Project: design of the rooms; Creation: Norbert Schäfer

The “Therme Wien” developed out of the Convalescent Home Oberlaa and was put up completely new. The architecture places new emphasis inside and outside, the offer was extended in all areas and now meets all requirements, from sauna and baths, thermal baths up to the treatment methods.

The nature issue in form of abstracting themes from the world of plants and water was to be realised large-sized and haptically valuably to support and accompany single areas. Here great value was set on the harmony between picture language and interior design.

The result are wall-filling themes, colour-coordinated with respect to the colours of the environment and materials. In addition, the focus concerning the choice of materials was put on high-class quality and harmonious visual appearance.

LVA Duisburg – Norbert Schäfer demonstrates the Rotation of the earth

Project: design of the foyer and staircase; Creation: Norbert Schäfer

For the local administration of the LVA Duisburg, Norbert Schäfer and Jürgen Mühle realised a room concept for the foyer and the staircase. For that large-sized slides were applied to Thermopane plates in a special procedure. The installation ranges across 5 levels and is visible from the inside as well as from the outside.

Depending on the time of the day, the incidence of light and position of the viewer, the fascinating effect of the installation on the entire room changes: harmonising vibes of movement and time.

Aesthetic and function for Stratley

Project: design of offices; Creation: Norbert Schäfer

The Stratley AG is an owner-operated top management consultancy company for chemical and extractive industry. In 2013 the enterprise moved into new, attractive office rooms. The interior design complements the high-class designed and equipped office rooms on a high level. To create a motivating and inspiring atmosphere, all working and conference rooms were fitted with PhotoArt by Norbert Schäfer.

The choice of themes interprets the corporate design of the enterprise. In addition, the partly large-sized art works fulfil a functional purpose. All themes were applied onto noise absorbers to perceptibly improve the room acoustics of the offices equipped with parquet floor and large glass surfaces.
Today the Stratley AG is part of KPMG.